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Experience Twillingate is a local owned tour and culinary group preserving the culture and history of outport Newfoundland and Labrador. Here, we have embraced the old ways and traditions, as we forage along our rocky shores – much like our families did decades before us.

Tour guide and visual artist, Crystal Anstey, is dedicated to preserving these historic and authentic experiences of Newfoundland.

Taste The Difference

Fresh. Local. Hand Harvested.

Newfoundlanders and Labradorians have always lived off the land. Since these deceptively barren shores were first settled, the people of this proud island have learned to harvest its hidden bounty of food and cultivate its rocky soil. Here you will learn how to forage – how to tend an open fire. Here you will learn to prepare the fruits of your labour.

Stroll through our fields and explore our beaches. Know first-hand the stunning beauty that is Newfoundland and Labrador. When you have finished the day’s journey, we will make a fire and experience a traditional Newfoundland boil-up, share stories and laughter.

Along The Shore

Breathtaking Scenery

We dine on the beach, with simple fare, both delicious and fresh, cooked over an open fire. No fancy linen, no evening dresses or suits. Just authentic rustic food in a setting unparalleled to any restaurant in the world. Listen to the sea and the surf; relax and enjoy that which you have found and prepared.

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Experience Twillingate

The universe provides everything we need, and sometimes in our own backyard.ATSARUAT (fake berry)
ITEMKECIYAAT (Hooper Bay and Chevak)

CHAMOMILE (aka Pineapple Weed)

The flowers, leaves and stems can be chopped and used in soups. The berries can be boiled to make tea to help treat cough, stress or depression, headaches and even scarlet fever. The whole plant can be boiled and used as a compress for arthritis but you have to follow the regime precisly.
First you boil the whole plant and wrap in a cloth and apply to the affected area for 15-20 minutes a day for 15 days. If one day is missed you have to start over. They say if slime comes on the wrap that it's the illness being drawn out. If more than one arthritic area needs to be treated you must use separate wraps so not to pass one illness to another part of the body.


1) You can predict a future berry crop by chamomile. If chamomile is abundant, berries will be plentiful.

2) You can dry chamomile, throw it on the wood in your smokehouse when smoking fish.

3) Chamomile is most abundant where dogs live.
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The universe provides everything we need, and sometimes in our own backyard.


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I love this scent :)

From our annual #pottterypitfire #twillingateonfire #experiencetwillingate #artisticexperiences #ExploreNL #CanadianCoastline ... See MoreSee Less

From our annual #pottterypitfire #twillingateonfire #experiencetwillingate #artisticexperiences #ExploreNL #CanadianCoastline


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We will be hosting this #wildcrafting art adventure again this July -learn some science about pottery making, help keep the firing burning & have a feed while you are there 🔥this makes a great family event, pack for a day at the beach. Booking will be available on our website soon.

Tell me more about this. Will share on my bed and breakfast page!

Georgia Stairs Stevie Stairs

Happy International Woman's Day on March 8th - may we celebrate all the amazing things we can do and all the incredible things we will do! ... See MoreSee Less

Happy International Womans Day on March 8th - may we celebrate all the amazing things we can do and all the incredible things we will do!


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Photo credits going out to Caroline Swan - thank-you for your inspiration & encouragement.

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