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EXPERIENCE TWILLINGATE is a locally owned tour and culinary group preserving the past while creating a sustainable future. Here, we have embraced local traditions, while applying our unique style of island ingenuity. Local Ingenuity – its what the land and sea has inspired for many generations.

Tour guide and visual artist, Crystal Anstey, is dedicated to encouraging sustainability, hiring local, and creating adventures and experiences that preserve and protect this vast land and sea. Experience Twillingate takes its guest on adventures, from the sea to the plate. Every detail of each individual tour has been thoughtfully designed to inspire, teach and promote this island lifestyle.

Experience Coastal Life

Local Ideas & Sustainable Food

This island has always supported its people thru both the land and the sea. All inhabitants of this island have learned to survive by harvesting the hidden bounty of food that is available here. With our local guides you will learn how to cook seafood over an open fire, infusing the flavours of the salty atlantic ocean. Our menu changes daily and is dependant on what we forage and find locally each day.

Explore our beaches. Come to understand the magic of Newfoundland and Labrador. When you arrive at the seaside, our culinary guide will cook over an open fire, serve you a drink that refreshes your spirit, and the setting will enthrall your senses. Fire, food & salty-air!

Along The Shore

Breathtaking Scenery

We dine on the beach, and offer each guest an authentic seafood menu, both delicious and fresh, cooked over an open fire. Here we pay attention to every detail, we serve our food on hand-made platters and plates, created by local artisans. Listen to the sea and scan the horizon for whales breeching in the distance. This is your chance to get away from it all, get lost in the scenery and find yourself inspired and sitting by the beach-fire.

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